Exo Protein Bars (12 bars)

Exo’s mission is to normalize the consumption of insects as a sustainable food source. We believe the way to accomplish this is through healthy, delicious food products that include insects as an ingredient. Our protein bars are formulated to be the perfect introductory vehicle to bring insect protein to the masses.

RacePak’s Take:

Yes, we were shocked when we read the title. We’d never considered eating crickets before, but really love the taste. It doesn’t taste like you’re eating crickets. Nor does it taste like chalky protein bar. The cacao nut has a nice crunch from the almonds. The bar is paleo, great for Crossfitters, and sustainable. Overall a great product using sustainable and powerful cricket protein. Definitely worth checking out. NOTE: if you have a crustacean allergy, you may be allergic to crickets